Webinar (Managing Your Finances In Business) on 8/6/2022

On the 8th June 2022, we had Mr. Mohammad Ezzat, general manager of THP UTARA FACILITIES SDN BHD and Mr. Ahmad Rizal, director of SASCO SDN BHD to talk about Managing Your Finances In Business for our live webinar hosted by Student Affairs and Alumni Department.

This session explained about the tools and techniques of financial management for business. One of the topics that were discussed were:-

  • The importance of knowing how to manage your personal and business finances
  • The government’s effort to encourage Malaysians to start up their business
  • What percentage should you allocate to savings, expenses, loans, insurance, etc
  • The implications if you do not do you do your tax filing for LHDN

Topics in which a lot of our staffs, students and even graduates can benefit from! Stay tuned for our next webinar and we hope all of you can join us ✨


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