Welcome to the City Alumni Association (CAA)

The City Alumni Association maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni worldwide. With students from around the world, the Alumni Association aims to build a network amongst its former students and the University through a wealth of community activities, businesses, and continuing education programs.

The City Alumni Association (CAA) is responsible for more than 10,000 City University Malaysia alumni around the world. Here at the CAA, we connect you and your fellow graduates with a wealth of networking opportunities, professional development resources, programs, volunteer opportunities, faculty-led trips, and more. So, whether you are looking to build or expand your City University community, reconnect with classmates, mentor students, engage in lifelong learning programmes, or stay informed on City University’s news—the CAA is here to keep you connected to it all.

You may no longer be a student, but City University and the CAA will always be here for you. Remember, City’s alumni community is your community.


About the City Alumni Association

Whether you are a previous or new graduate, your ties with City University Malaysia is for life. Through the City Alumni Association (CAA), there are many ways to engage with your City University Malaysia community and grow the engaged network.

City University Malaysia was founded by a group of scholars with extensive experience in local and international universities in April 1984. Registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under the former Education Act 1961, City University was known then as Petaling Jaya Community College (PJCC). It was established at a time when there was a growing awareness that it was necessary for the private sector to complement the national education effort.

PJCC was acquired by the Selia Group in 1998 as part of the company’s desire to be a responsible corporate citizen. It was rebranded as Unity College International (UCI). Four years on, it was upgraded to a ‘University College’ status and was named City University College of Science and Technology. Under its new management, City University College extended its international education cooperation with universities from England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, United States, Indonesia, China and several Malaysian public universities to cater for the expanding demand for higher education.

Armed with a track record of 36 years of education excellence, the University College was awarded ‘University’ status in 2016, to be recognized today as CITY UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA.

36 Years of History in Producing Employable Graduates :

City University Malaysia, as one of the earliest private higher education institutions, started with preparing students for the American Degree Program (ADP). Through the decades that followed, City University Malaysia was primarily responsible for forming several twinning programs with reputable universities in Australia, United Kingdom and United States, as well as establishing various local courses that are recognized and certified by the professional organizations.

What is the Association about?

a. To keep an updated roster of all Alumni of City University Malaysia and their pertinent data.

b. To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves. Whether you graduated decades ago or you’re still in college, an alumni association helps you maintain a link with your school. Many alumni associations welcome members back to campus regularly, including for events like reunions and even weddings.

c. To promote a sustained sense of belonging to City University among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them.

a. Alumni as ambassadors for the university in promoting academic excellence and upholding the academic integrity of the university.

b. Alumni as role model of the University to their community at large

c. Their acknowledgment helps promote learning and indirectly helps in student recruitment.

d. To promote interaction amongst members and to serve as a link between the members the association and their Alma Mater, City University of Malaysia.

e. To provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.

a. To promote a spirit of volunteering and co-operation amongst the alumni.

b. To organize Welfare Services for its members, City University students and humanity at large.

c. To work towards improvement skills and knowledge through capacity and capability building.

d. To conduct workshops, seminars, and continued education sessions and meetings.

e. To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society.

f. To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organizing and coordinating networking events.

g. Personal development – alumni can play a role to discuss personal development of the students

a. Alumni associations offer networking opportunities, which can connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes.

b. To provide alumni with the opportunity for social and professional networking and career development Networking can take many forms. For example- alumni associations might offer online career fairs or host virtual networking events with tips for job interviews. Many alumni networks also maintain LinkedIn groups or connect alumni through member databases.

c. Create an online platform (like a social network) exclusively for other members as a way for people to keep up with each other’s activities, celebrate achievements and contribute to common projects/causes.

d. Business Networking between alumni members themselves – to get connected and expand their businesses/ know-how

a. Alumni associations to host social events by possibly creating clubs and host events through groups. These events help alumni build a community and stay connected with friends from college. Alumni events are also a great networking tool.

b. Alumni associations can plan the biggest alumni event – reunions.

c. To represent and participate in the conferences, seminars, celebrations ,cultural and sports activities organised by the university

a. Alumni members will receive several benefits, perks and privileges as well as special discounts.

b. Alumni also often have access to their university campus facilities like the library systems and potential use of spaces at the university. (to be determined)

a. Alumni associations often partner with businesses to offer discounts for members. 

b. The university can be used as their pool of resources.

c. The students can act as a pool of resources too.

a. Alumni can participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities through their alumni associations, helping them give back to their communities. Many schools offer virtual volunteering events, rely on volunteers to staff committees, and invite alumni volunteers to guest lecture.

University relies on their alumni to help current students and graduates. Alumni can give back to their communities and help current and future students in several ways.

a. Alumni associations fund scholarships for incoming students. 

b. offers scholarships to students who have an alumni connection

c. awards financial support and scholarship funds to deserving students each year. (Funds to be discussed further)

d. Alumni participate in Competition as mentors/ judges

e.  Alumni also give back by participating in the student admission process. At Princeton, alumni interview potential students and make admission recommendations.

a. Talented alumni will likely have a wealth of experience and skills to share with current students via talks and newsletters. In certain cases, this could go even further with alumni offering to practically support students in work placements and help them launch their careers. 

b. Well-connected alumni will facilitate students to get connected/ meet/ visit prestigious companies.

c. City University can appoint relevant alumni as Adjunct Professors / Fellows of the University to strengthen the Academic Culture of the University.

d. The concept of Industry relevant graduates would be strengthened through Alumni Industry Lecture Series which would be organised relevant to the faculties.

e. Appointment of Relevant Alumni members to position the University accordingly.  The UNIVERSITY CULTURE IS THEN MAINTAINED. This would include:

  1. Adjunct Professors
  2. External Industry Experts
  3. Alumni Lecture Series
  4. Appointment of Honorary Doctorates (if relevant) to position the University accordingly
  5. Other relevant Academic Appointment
  6. Employment of Alumni as Full Time / Part Time Lecturers/Tutors of the University – this will strengthen Public Opinion and branding of the academic culture

a. International Alumni Ambassadors,former students to volunteer to be a point of contact for City University in their home country, support our recruitment activity. They are invaluable in helping us provide prospective students with real insight into Kuala Lumpur-living and, hopefully, help them confirm their decision to study with us.

i. Alumni also donate their valuable time to offer career support to current students

ii. Alumni to take in interns into their companies

iii. Alumni to employ graduates

iv. Alumni (as they will be connected to the students through various activities on campus) will be able to make employment recommendations to future employers

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