Volunteering Opportunities

Whether you’re a recent graduate or you’ve reached the pinnacle of your City University students, both face-to-face and online. Our opportunities focus on supporting students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds, ensuring your time and support goes to those who need it most.
Virtual Volunteering
We are looking to have some fantastic activities alumni could support on campus and face to face into the virtual space. If you have ideas of how you could support our students virtually, do get in touch – we love hearing from you! Email us at: alumniassociation@city.edu.my
Tell Your Story
Inspire students by sharing your story through an alumni case study. It could be about your time at university, your career journey or things you’ve learned along the way. Alumni profiles are a fantastic way for prospective and current students to visualise where their time at City U may lead them. You could submit a profile which we shall share with the community.
Offer guidance and advice: Alumni as Mentors
Mentoring is a great way to share your experience and develop your own skills. You can offer an insight into your job, the skills required, the challenges you face and your advice for students wanting to pursue a similar role to yours. We could organise a communication channel between you and the students on line or physical meet.
Offer guidance and advice: Alumni as Mentor
Whether it’s part-time work, internships, placements, full-time roles or graduate-level schemes, we are always happy to share employment opportunities with our students and graduates. You can advertise an opportunity with us.
Take on a Fundraising Challenge
Fundraising is another fantastic way of giving back to your University. From scholarships to research activities, if there’s a cause that’s important to you, why not start your fundraising journey today with us?
Other Opportunities
Can you help students who don’t have contacts in their chosen careers? Whether it’s giving a talk, leading a small group workshop or attending a larger networking reception with other alumni, there are lots of opportunities for you to share your knowledge and experience with students. As well as giving them a valuable insight into your career, these events are a great way for you to build your own alumni networks. Once you have registered your interest, we will do our best to match you to the right opportunity to engage with our students.

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