KPT-CAP 3 (Closing Cermony) on 11/6/2022

Happy to announce that on 11th June 2022 the KPT-CAP Closing Ceremony was successfully done! All of the participants were awesome and even our trainer had a good time. Before the closing ceremony, the participants had to attend their last class physically which is the Life Skills for Success and Career Development, trained by Datin Julie. All of them learnt about:-

  • How to Sell Yourself In The Industry
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Innovation Management
  • Professional Development & Self Image

After all of the topics were presented by the trainer, they had their presentation individually and we could say that each and everyone of them did a splendid job! Fret not, there will be a KPT-CAP 4 so make sure to contact those in charge and join us!

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